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Factors To Be Considered In Selection Of Thin Film Evaporator

Thin film evaporator is a type of evaporator, the characteristics of the material liquid along the heating tube wall film flow and heat transfer and evaporation, the advantage is high heat transfer efficiency, evaporation speed, material stay time is short, so it is particularly suitable for the evaporation of heat-sensitive substances. In the selection of thin film evaporator, various factors must be considered synthetically:

1, production capacity and operating parameters: including the amount of processing, access to concentration, temperature, the number of years operating hours, etc.

2, product characteristics: including thermal sensitivity, viscosity and fluidity (at operating temperature), foaming, solid content, crystallization and polymerization tendency;

3, operating medium: such as steam (pressure), cooling water (temperature), cleaning fluid (solvents), etc.

4. Material selection and surface polishing requirements for manufacturing;

5, on-site conditions: such as space, climate (outdoor), energy and product cohesion, work platform.

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