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The Recruitment Program Of Global Experts (Nanjing) Chemical And Chemical Research Institute Decided To Use Our 100L Combined Reactor System

On October 6, 2017, “The Recruitment Program of Global Experts” (Nanjing) Chemical and Chemical Research Institute visit our company. For Our 100L Combined Reactor System, client asked a new requirement of improvement.

 After 1 week, the improvement was submitted by our technical department, and it was approved by customer successfully.

 On October 16, 2017, “The Recruitment Program of Global Experts” (Nanjing) Chemical and Chemical Research Institute Purchased the 100L combined reactor system from our company.


1) The overseas high-level talent introduction program is also called “The Recruitment Program of Global Experts “for short. It mainly focuses on the introduction of a number of high-level overseas talents to meet the national development strategy target.

 Since 2008, in the national important innovative projects, subjects, laboratories and the central enterprises and state-owned financial institutions, high and new technology industrial development zone, etc., introduced about 2000 scientists and innovative entrepreneurial talents to China.

 The Program supports a batch of talents, who can break technology obstacle, developing high-tech industries, drive the emerging discipline of strategic.

 On July 25, 2012, "The Recruitment Program of Global Experts” has introduced 2,263 high-end talents in various fields.

 2) “The Recruitment Program of Global Experts” (Nanjing) Chemical and Chemical Research Institute was founded on March 31, 2012

 Institute takes chemical advanced disciplines and topics as the research direction, devotes to the strategic emerging industry, which is related to the chemical new materials, new energy, energy conservation, environmental protection and biological medicine R&D. Strive to become an international leading chemical industry incubator and accelerator.

We have focused on top quality lab instruments, pilot apparatus and biochemical instruments field for over 10 years in China.

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