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Single Stage Glass SPD System Installation

Rotary Evaporator Installation

Stainless Steel SPD Machine with Multiple Stages for Cannabis Oil

THC Short Path Distillation Training

CBD Isolate

Coconut Oil Fraction-1

Coconut Oil Fraction-2

Stainless Steel Short Path Molecular Distillation for Cannabis Oil

Cannabis Oil SPD

GMD-0.3C-2 Commercial Molecular Distillation Nervonic Acid

GMD-0.3B-2 Commercial Molecular Distillation Cannabis Oil

Cinnamon Leaf Oil SPD Trial

Trial on SPD System in Gioglass Lab

Short Path Distillation System in R&D New Chemical Materials

Short Path Distillation System in Refining Eaglewood Essential Oil

Short Path Distillation System in Application of New Polymer Materials Research

0 0001mbar The Highest Vacuum degree of our Short Path Distillation System

Continues feeding of our Short Path Distillation System

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