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Laboratory Chemical Vacuum Filters with Stainless Steel Buchner Filtration Funnels

Laboratory Chemical Vacuum Filters with Stainless Steel Buchner Filtration Funnels

Lab Vacuum Chemical Filter Units Filtration Device Systems with Stainless Steel Pressure Filter Holders and Buchner Filtration Funnels

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Instrument Introduction

Vacuum filter is a derived product which improves and develops from the single-layer glass reactors according to the actual needs of various biological development companies. Mainly used for the separation of solid and liquid mixture. We can produce 3 Model vacuum filters: Stainless Steel Funnel Type, Glass Funnel Type and Demountable Glass Funnel Type.

Instrument Features

■ Receiving flask is manufactured with high borosilicate glass 3.3 material, which has excellent physical and chemical performance

■ Bottom discharge valve is PTFE no-dead angle bottom valve matched with glass flange neck, No reactant accumulation

■ Compound seal are used between stainless steel Buchner funnel and receiving flask, which offers perfect sealing performance of the overall unit, the reactor vacuum degree can reach 0.098 Mpa in a static state

Technical Parameters






Funnel Volume





Funnel Material

Stainless steel Buchner funnel

Fitting Material

Stainless steel

Receiving Flask Material

high borosilicate glass 3.3

Receiving Flask

Spherical 10L

Spherical 20L

Cylindrical 30L

Spherical 50L

Quantity of Receiving Flask Neck (NO.)


Vacuumize Device

Simple Suction Mouth

Discharging Neck

No-dead angel discharging valve

Frame Material

Stainless steel

Moving Mode

Belt brake Model universal casters

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